Wedding Dress Ideas

I’m currently leaning towards having a Victorian Ball Gown (Gothic Style, but cream/gold colouring). I’ve done a bit of searching for more ideas so I’m going to post links to some I’ve liked. I think I’ll need to get a training corset soon if I want to be able to be comfortable for me wedding while wearing a corset.

Goth Fairy Bride (minus the wings)

Belle (Beauty and the Beast Inspired)(only the skirt part, the bodice wouldn’t suit me)

There are many available on Gothic Wedding Dresses that I really like, especially the following:

I still have to finish looking through that site.

Also what do you think, mini top hat? tiara? vale? Hair up? Hair down? If any of my bridesmaids see this HELP.

Signing Off – MCL


3 Responses to “Wedding Dress Ideas”

  1. 1 Mulan
    December 13, 2010 at 12:57 am

    Hair up with vale with a built in tiara i think would make you look wonderful

  2. 2 One of your Bridesmaids (guess who!)
    December 13, 2010 at 1:04 am

    I simply LOVE the Goth Fairy wedding dress! If the dress itself was cream and the fabric on the front was gold, you would look absolutely stunning! (And I’ll cry for sure! Thank god for waterproof mascara!)

    The back of Dress 3 is gorgeous (the front design is actually slimming, which is a plus for every woman out there), and I particularly like the skirt on Dress 4. Dress 1 would make a cute bridesmaid dress, since I think you were aiming for a royal blue with gold detail, and this would be a great dress to pull off that combo.
    Dress 6’s giant bow is very inspiring, and quite cute too. And Dress 5 is simply beautiful.

    My recommendations for your wedding gown?
    Top 3:
    -Goth Fairy Dress
    -Dress 5
    -Dress 4

    Other recommendations:

    For any dress that has a long train, go with your hair down. It’ll be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and flowing in detail. Veil? Go with something with lace- all of these dresses have lace, so go with something that has a lace trim (preferably in the same colour as the lace trim on the dress). A small tiara would be adorable, since the dress is the focal point.
    A mini tophat would be good with a dress with a small/no train, and simple detail (like Dress 6 and 3).
    You could also look into options of hair ornaments (if hair up) or flowers.

  3. 3 Belle
    December 13, 2010 at 6:26 am

    Of these I’d say my favorites to look at are these ones:

    I recognize they’re similar colours, but its the shapes I’m finding pleasing. I like the gothic fairy overskirt part, but am not a fan of the shape of the hoop skirt, too round, not… draping… That is a matter of personal preference though, if you like the round hoop then swell.

    The Belle skirt does drape really nicely in my opinion. A skirt like that with matching corset top could be darling.

    With the long dresses I agree hair down is probably a fine idea. Down and curled could be very pretty. Perhaps with some pretty hair pins or clips?

    Not sure how it would suit the shape of your face and so forth, but birdcage veils perhaps attached to a little hat could work well the the sorts of dresses you’re expressing interest in, since they’ve got that old fashioned vintage feel. These sorts of things are what I’m meaning:

    Alternatively something with a long dramatic train could work, especially if you wanted an up do (since you could have an updo and the flowing effect.) – It looks like a lot of long veils come in _white_ though, which isn’t what you’re looking for, is it?

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