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RIP Cuddles

You know that hollow feeling you get when a pet dies? Well I’m experiencing that at the moment. Earlier today I received a call from my little brother telling me that my bird Cuddles (I named him when I was like 7 or 8, cut me some slack) had been found in the bottom of his cage making strange noises which he described to sound like hiccups. I was concerned, Cuddles hadn’t done that in the 14 or so years I had owned him. I asked which vet he was being taken to. My parents had decided he didn’t need a vet and that dad could take care of him. I objected. My brother (who I have to say is a wonderful person, and I really appreciate that he made sure to keep me in the loop) listened to my plea and took Cuddles to get medical attention. The vet couldn’t do anything. Cuddles was too sick, and too old and just wasn’t right to keep him going. He was put down.

My brother thought it would be a comfort to me to know that he and my parents are ‘replacing’ Cuddles today.

EDIT: A lovely woman at work just came back from lunch, she bought me a little bird statue (she noticed I was upset earlier and came over to check on me). You don’t read this Viv, but thanks, you’re amazing!

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Passive Aggressive Notes

While the roommate stories and work stories are entertaining and provide perspective there are times you want to be able to laugh without feeling guilty. Passive Aggressive Notes certainly provides that. What a riot.


Lights Camera ACTION!

Last week I saw a casting call for ourDeal, a website I frequent. They wanted people for a TV ad campaign they were going to run. I figured, why not? So I sent them an email. I heard back today that I made it through to the next round of selections:

Congratulations! You’ve been selected for the next round of selection for the “Escape Artist” promotion.
We need to confirm a couple of things before we continue:

  • Are you able to fly down to Sydney on Thursday night for a full day of pampering on Friday? We will fly you and your partner back Friday night
  • Are you available for a call with our Casting Director this evening?

We will cover all transport and activity costs so don’t worry about any of that!
If you could confirm your availability it would be great

I’m waiting for PC to get back to me about if we can do this – there are people staying at our house Friday night so I guess it also depends on what time the flight gets back (though I expect it will be late :() Maybe I can reschedule with my friends for Saturday night. Also would need work to give me Friday off. Wish me luck!


I heard back from ourDeal today, due to concerns about completing the filming in a single day they have decided to go with a local candidate instead. However they have asked if they can keep my details on file as they intend to do more of this in the future, so who knows, a few months down the track I might get another opportunity!

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Early Onset Midlife Crisis

It appears to be that time of the year again when everything is on fast forward, there don’t appear to be enough hours in the day to get work completed; there are chores to do at home and people to see! I’m at the point of losing track of plans (about time I invested in a diary for this year). Does anyone have any tricks they use to ensure they have a proper work/home/social balance? Currently I appear to be focusing on work and social – I’ve moved from only seeing friends on weekends to seeing them mid-week as well. This redistribution of time is taking its toll on my ‘home’ time which normally includes a little bit of downtime, cleaning, cooking and all the usual house hold dramas.

My usual ‘always tired’ is getting worse, but I’m also trying to include an hour of exercise into my daily routine as I need to drop between 20 and 30 KG in the next 12 months or so, a big task but I’m determined to stop looking like a whale before my wedding. My reading has skidded to a grinding halt – previously I would finish a novel in less then a week but now I’ve found myself working on the same book coming up to 2 months now! With a stack of new books I haven’t even cracked the covers of yet sitting on my bedside table BLASPHEMY! Some of these books are by my favorite authors, these are normally devoured at an alarming pace through a sleepless night of reading on the day of release.

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Bad Bosses and Dodgy Roommates

I’ve started to notice a trend in site grouping on these two topics. I have been reading Thats My Boss and Thats My Roommate for awhile. Yesterday I mentioned another site I had come across (My Very Worst Roommate) and today I found that the creator of that site has another they run called My Very Worst Job. It’s nice to see that some people have it worse then I do.

Anyone else have sites they follow that display stories that people submit?


My Very Worst Roommate

Recently I’ve come across a few good roommate story sites. This one is a different persons story for each post which gives you different perspectives on what can and does go wrong.

My Very Worst Roommate


Today’s reason I hate my flatmate

I occasionally scour the interwebz looking for other roommate horror stories. I recently came across one (I Hate My Flatmate) that employs a number of elements I like – a daily reason for hating their roommate (though I can’t be that harsh, I don’t hate my roommate, she just gives my heart palpitations), and short daily posts. While my posts had gotten shorter I had been avoiding daily niggles that upset me, leaving posts for larger events that cause eye twitching and red vision.

So I put it to my readers, what do you prefer? I can post more frequently but lowering the audacity level of the roommate offenses, or I can provide stories of major events.

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