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New Zealand

My thoughts go out to everyone in Christchurch. Please stay safe!

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Wedding Plans – Invitations

When it comes to invitations I’m a little bit of a perfectionist. I want the invitations to be right, I want them to match the theme, and I’m more then happy to make them myself (hopefully with some help from my bridesmaids!). I’ve done it before for my 21st – I spent WEEKS making invitations but these need to look better and still need to conform to a budget. We still haven’t determined who is invited or set a number of guests limit but I’m expecting it to be around 60. Even at $5 per invitation that would cost $300! I looked into having fancy invites custom made however it seams the common price is $10+ per invitation so that’s not feasible. I think PC would have a heart attack if I mentioned that I was planning to spend upwards of $500 on wedding invitations. The other problem is that apparently your invitations should match your place settings, so the choice in design has a major impact on how the reception will look.

Based on the vintage style wedding theme the invitations should include some or all of the following:

  1. Lace
  2. Ribbon (Grosgrain or Satin?)
  3. Paper Fasteners
  4. Wax/Wax Inspired Seals
  5. Flocked Paper Couture (Velvet Textured Paper)
  6. Beads or Buckles
  7. Embossed Paper

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Wedding Plans – Hair Accesories

One of my lovely bridesmaids started asking me my plans regarding Tiara vs Vail etc and she suggested another option – floral head wreath. So now I’m thinking of the following:

For the Bride

For the Bridesmaids

We are going to look into making custom ones to match the dresses/colour scheme, hopefully that will save a bit of money as well!

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Bridesmaid Dresses

Now that I have my dress I’ve been looking at ideas for what the bridesmaid dresses should look like, they can’t be to complicated and they need to fit with the style of the wedding, I’m not set on any of these but there getting closer to what I’m looking for:

Color wise I’m thinking blues. And slightly different dresses for the girls in order to suit them, with different shades of blue for each dress? Maybe one blue the same with different shades for detail parts? Opinions?

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Wedding Planning Progress

Well there has been some progress recently in regards to wedding plans. I managed to buy my wedding dress on the weekend, only cost me $95 (amazing right?) and it took me 35minutes to go from seeing it to trying it on to purchasing it. Many people say that getting the dress is the hardest part, I disagree, everything else is hard! I’m lucky enough to have a friend who is working on _amazing_ custom nail art (Cels Nail Art), shes been kind enough to agree to do my nails for my wedding, she currently makes sets to match lolita prints but will be taking requests as well (very reasonable prices!). I urge you to check it out and keep an eye on her blog. For any South East Queensland Locals she is going to be selling nail sets at Supanova Brisbane this year so check it out!

I should return to stressing over flower arrangements, shoes, and guests lists!

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Will Make You Laugh With Tears Running Down Your Face

I came across 27b/6 today and realised I had read one once before. This is gold. Pure gold. Unless you want people at work wondering why you have a stitch from holding in your laughter and tears running down your face I advise you to read at home (or at least somewhere you can laugh out loud to avoid the bad stitch).


Generating Table HTML

Yesterday I had a session with the marketing department regarding the web content management system they use. They had been having a few problems with it and wanted a bit of an explanation regarding what they can and can’t do. One of the main problems they were encountering related to adding additional rows to a table. Now for anyone with a basic HTML understanding this is a very simple task, however they don’t touch the SOURCE view at all and will only work with the WYSIWYG. Normally this isn’t a major issue, but in this content management system the edit functionality for a table doesn’t work.

I tried to demonstrate how to add a new row in the SOURCE view:


very simple at which point they could switch to the WYSIWYG view and deal with adding content etc. This wasn’t doable. Ok, fine, no problem, code (as they refer to it) _does_ confuse some people. My alternative option was to find a table generator online that they could use and then copy paste the html it generated in, replacing the existing markup. This was a well accepted option so I went to it looking for a user friendly table generator that would create simple elegant html. We didn’t want a generator that would supply any style data (except where specifically requested for a single cell etc), the website has it’s own external style sheet that needs to be used. This was the first problem, most generators that would allow the remotest higher level control (such as adding background colours, merging cells etc) would supply very detailed CSS for every cell. The website already has an external CSS, we don’t want that over ridden (it’s quite specific regarding tables), and then others wouldn’t allow you to even specify if it was a header or footer of the table. One that I found wasn’t even free.HTML TableFactory is charging $45.00 per license! All it does is tables o.0 – I downloaded the trial to see what made it worth such an investment, and whilst it provides the ability to manipulate the table quite effectively (especially in regards to merging cells) it couldn’t even create a link properly. The html it produced was self-sufficient so your own style sheet wouldn’t get a say in the matter. There wasn’t even an option to override that. *frustration*.

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