Wedding Plans – Invitations

When it comes to invitations I’m a little bit of a perfectionist. I want the invitations to be right, I want them to match the theme, and I’m more then happy to make them myself (hopefully with some help from my bridesmaids!). I’ve done it before for my 21st – I spent WEEKS making invitations but these need to look better and still need to conform to a budget. We still haven’t determined who is invited or set a number of guests limit but I’m expecting it to be around 60. Even at $5 per invitation that would cost $300! I looked into having fancy invites custom made however it seams the common price is $10+ per invitation so that’s not feasible. I think PC would have a heart attack if I mentioned that I was planning to spend upwards of $500 on wedding invitations. The other problem is that apparently your invitations should match your place settings, so the choice in design has a major impact on how the reception will look.

Based on the vintage style wedding theme the invitations should include some or all of the following:

  1. Lace
  2. Ribbon (Grosgrain or Satin?)
  3. Paper Fasteners
  4. Wax/Wax Inspired Seals
  5. Flocked Paper Couture (Velvet Textured Paper)
  6. Beads or Buckles
  7. Embossed Paper


For decorating cards, scrap books and invitations there is a product called Decorative Lace Tape. You can select from a number of lace designs and it generally comes in black or white. This generally seams to come in a pack with two types of lace at around $10/meter.

Sticky Scroll Ribbon is an alternative option that costs about half as much and appears to have more colour options:

Another alternative is purchasing a Paper Puncher. These would probably work out cheaper over all and can provide quite lace like designs:

If I chose to go with real lace (if I could think of a good way to attach it) you can get lace at a good price at Cheep Trims.

Ribbon, Beads or Buckles and Paper Fasteners

These are commonly used to decorate invites and perform a purely aesthetic function or be used as a critical part of the invite (holding things together, opening the invitation etc). Any of these elements can be used in the design as a focal point, and due to this they are often a little pricey.


Many designs have ribbon included, either as separating stripes between detail (lace, etc) and the information, or as decoration (eg a bow). There are many varieties of ribbon depending on the purpose and look you are going for. Ribbon is a reasonably priced commodity and can either be used as a background part of a design (generally with plain colors such as black, silver or gold) or play a prominent role featuring patterns etc. Price wise depends on the type of ribbon you want and how much you intend to use. Generally you’re looking at most around $1 a meter when buying online.

Buckles / Beads

You’ll often see buckles and beads employed along with ribbon as the feature element of an invitation. Beads are a cheaper option which can be more subtly employed. Buckles generally play a more prominent role and can pull together an otherwise simple design. Buckles will generally set you back around $1 each.

The following invitations feature Beads

The following invitations feature Buckles

Paper Fasteners

Classically Paper Fasteners were rather plan, playing a functional role. Now you can get Jewel Paper Fasteners which can enhance the design of your invitation.

The following invitations feature Paper Fasteners

Wax/Wax Inspired Seals

For a truly old fashioned look sealing the envelop with wax, or decorate the invitation with a wax seal would provide the right finish. You can purchase a personalized seal with initials, buy a standard design, or even buy imitation seals (that don’t use real wax). To have a custom seal made with our initials we would be looking at between $50 and $150. You get approximately 10 seals per stick of wax. Alternatively with the imitation seals they apparently cost a bit over $1 a each, so if we put 2 per invitation (one on invite one on envelope) we would be looking at around $130. That’s still a _lot_ of money for one aspect of the invitation. I am continuing my investigation for an alternative source of faux-seals. I found mention on a blog of a woman who purchased 50 faux seals in her choice of design and colour for $12 (including postage) so if I could get them at that sort of price it becomes far more do-able. Unfortunately that specific seller no longer uses their ebay account so I can’t buy from them.

After a bit more research I found another approach using a glue gun that apparently only costs like $10 for 100.

Faux Wax Seals Tips and Tricks
DIY Wooden Wax Seal

Places to Purchase Wax Seals

  1. http://www.amazingpaper.com.au/page/monogram_wax_seal_2.html

Alternative option are Embossed seals.

Flocked Paper Couture (Velvet Textured Paper)

I love the effect of Flocked Paper. Until I started looking into it for the wedding I hadn’t realised you could make it yourself. It is expensive to buy pre-flocked paper and you are limited in what patterns you can get (though many of these are very attractive).

My thought was to get a stencil of a design I like, purchase black glue and flock and do it myself. 1 pound will cover approx 48 sq ft so that should be more then enough. I tracked down a place where it could be purchased in a bulk lot like that (most places only sold it in small amounts eg 85gm) for a reasonable price, so I will try that out and see how it goes:

Hobby & Craft Flocking and Supplies – Flock

Embossed Paper

I have seen a number of wedding invitations with Embossed paper. I went looking to see if I could have Embossed paper with my invitations to discover that it costs around $2 per piece of A4 embossed paper and you are restricted on the colour and type of paper to what is available in the design you like. Further investigation lead me to discover Embossing Folders. Embossing Folders allow people to Emboss their own paper. I also discovered that you can make your own Embossing Folders:

This sounds great until you look at the cost of an Embossing Machine. You’re looking at around $100 for a Cuttlebug and about the same for a Sizzix Big Shot Machine. I think there are other things you need to be able to use it as well. If I intended to get into scrap-booking this might be worth it, but who knows when I’ll get around to that?

The other thing that is doable is to make Embossed text or images using embossing power, rubber stamps.

Embossed Text

Or, I could get a Custom Embosser with a specific design it Embosses for use on envelopes etc for the wedding:

Custom Embosser – Simply Script

Extra notes about techniques for Embossing: To Stamp Or Emboss

And then there are envelopes and stamps – you can have custom stamps made for weddings with photos and such which I would love to do, but first thing first is coming up with a design for an invitation that falls within a budget of $5 per invite. I’d also considered making the reminder cards a magnet and sending them at the same time as the invitation (save on postage) that way the guests can stick the reminder magnet to the fridge and see it every time they grab a drink (cost approximately $15 for 50 magnets).


Sorry about the crazy long post! This is like 4 days in the making so please excuse the time between posts!

Signing Off – MCL

I’ve been looking at more sources and ideas and I have come across the following:

Paper I like:


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