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The English Language

I don’t know about you but it drives me a little insane to hear people saying they speak ‘American’. IMHO American is NOT a language. Americans speak ENGLISH. Anyway, this turned into a heated discussion via facebook on Sleepys page – she didn’t appreciate it and requested the end of the ‘snooty’ discussion (so apparently having a debate with substance makes you snooty?). Anyway, both sides had decent arguments, though I still think mine are more valid *shrugs*. What do you think? Is American a language, or do American’s speak English?

American Person: you know those are they type of people i feel i need a translation service for.. or to look at them and go ” i’m sorry.. but i speak american.. we don’t accept your ghetto talk her… Do us all a favor and pull a lemming and jump off a cliff”

Me (Australian): there is no such language as ‘American’ Americans just screw up English. (Seriously, replacing the letter S with Z does not make it a new language).

American Person: I hate to point it out to you miss but American’s do not put z’s in places of S.. those are ill educated people. We call it American because we have different terminology then the English. A boot of a car is the truck… you call a eraser a rubber.. we call it a condom. So.. next time do your research

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Wedding Plans – Cake

Wedding cakes cost a fortune. An absolute fortune. Especially considering I’m very simple in my cake tastes. I don’t like very rich and heavy cakes – a nice light chocolate cake or butter cake is fine by me. I came across CakeBitz who offer cake decorating classes – these are also expensive, but at least they would provide me with a skill I could reuse so maybe I should look at enrolling in a couple of classes. I’m interested in doing the following classes:

  1. Cake Decorating Fundamentals – Round
  2. Gourmet Small Cakes – 4 Techniques
  3. Cake Decorating Fundamentals – Structure
  4. Sugar Flowers – Specimen Rose
  5. Royal Icing & Floodwork

That also costs a small fortune.

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Strange Referrers

Please note that I am editing this post when I have gathered new information

Ok, over the past week or two I’ve had a number of people accessing this blog via 20 today alone! When you go to this URL it redirects you to which in the end directs you to which appears to be a website about the Muslim Religion. I search this site and found no reference to this blog so I became confused. Resolved to get to the bottom of this I googled the original link and found Online being… Another persons blog who appears to be having a similar situation. So, I am no closer to finding out why I’m being linked to by a Muslim site under the guise of a Justin Timberlake car crash but at least I’m not the only one?

Signing Off – MCL

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Books on the Cheap

I heard today about the Book Depository. They offer brand new books at insanely cheap prices with free postage anywhere in the world! I’ve seen books listed there for $17 that I have seen in local book stores for more then double that price. Apparently can take up to 2 weeks for books to arrive, but hey with that saving sounds well worth it to me! Time to go back to building up my library 😀

Signing Off – MCL


Petrol Prices

Well a report has come out that shows that Brisbane is the most expensive place in the country to buy unleaded petrol. Surprise Surprise, SE QLD not only pays too much for water and public transport but we also pay too much for fuel! You can see the report Here (RACQ Annual Fuel Price Report).

The one good thing that has come from discovering this is that RACQ also provide a search for locating the cheapest fuel in your area! Well worth a look at (Fuel Prices). The data used originates from Motor Mouth so you can chose to go directly to them to ensure you have the most up to date data (updated twice daily on the RACQ page)

Signing Off – MCL


Wedding Plans – Bridesmaid and Flower Girl Dresses

I think I found a dress I’m quite set on (More Pictures Available Here) Though maybe with a change to the shoulder part (please ignore the top they have on underneath).

Bridesmaid Dress

Which could be made to match quite well with the flower girl dress that I’ve fallen in love with!

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