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Harajuku, Shibuya and a Visual Kei Live

I’m sorry this is 5 days late – we have been so busy with day AND night events ever since we got here that finding time to blog has been difficult. I will add each day as quickly as possible to update you all!

Our first real day in Japan was destined to be awesomness personified. We were meeting up with Leela (yay *happy dance*) and heading into Harajuku, followed by a quick stop over in Shibuya and to cap it off a Visual Kei Live where we would get to see Heidi. perform (que squeal of excitement!).

There are a number of crazy things you’ll run into in Japan. One of the most fabled are the vending machines. Unlike in Australia I haven’t seen Potato Chips and Chocolate Bars in these ‘exist on every street of Tokyo’ machines however you will find crazy varieties of soft drink, coffee, tea, cigarettes, beer and the often hot-topic Fact or Fiction debate item of used panties (I have yet to locate one of these to confirm its existence – however you can read up about this crazy phenomenon HERE). We walked past about 2 dozen vending machines in the 500meters between our hotel and the train station.

Japanese Vending Machine

Japanese Vending Machine - the coffee cans actually come out hot!

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Arriving In Japan

Rightio, well to continue on from our arrival at the airport on the Gold Coast:

As I mentioned previously, we were informed when we checked in that we would need to collect our lougage in Cains and take it over to the International Terminal. They didn’t bother informing us that that was a rather awefully long walk outdoors, in 38 degree (celsius). Because of the short change time I sent PC along ahead to check us in while I collected the bags – BIIIIGGG mistake. 1 girl =/= 2  suit cases. Very unpleasent. Anyway we managed it all alright and got on the connecting flight (clearly, as I’m, ya know, blogging from our hotel in Japan). The airhostes near us during the flight (a japanese girl named Amanda) was amazing. Really helpful with pointing out tips regarding getting around Tokyo. The flight was pleasant and we arrived in good time.

The one thing everyone goes on about when they compare Australia and Japan is the public transport. Australias train system is a mess. It’s slow and infrequent. Japans rail system, in comparision, is quick, frequent and the trains are a hell of a lot more comphertable and cleaner then the Gold Coast <-> Brisbane line back home. The one thing people don’t point out is that the Narita Express actually splits apart part way through the journey with half the train going one way and the other half another. As expected we ended up in the wrong half. The ticket bloke on the train (you have GOT to see these guys, awesome military style uniforms) let us know we would have to switch (quickly) to the back half of the train when we reach Tokyo as otherwise we would end up in the wrong prefecture.

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at the airport

so we are at the airport. I’m already concerned about the trip. thus far we have left my mp3 player at home, my partners leather coat at my parents house, the gift for our friend in japan in the fridge at my parents house and we have been informed that during the 1 hour stop over in cains we need to collect our bags and re check in for the second leg of the journey. what a start to the day. oh it also took me around 30 minutes to figure out how to blog from my partners phone. *sigh*. anyway i guess things should be looking up from here – i’ll update you when something interesting happens.
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The Man Crush

The Man Crush. I think everyone has witnessed this by now. With the rise of the metro sexual the Man Crush became far more prominent. When I was younger a close friend of mine had a man crush on Stuart Townsend (Queen of the Damned)

Which I can understand, I mean that man is one fine piece of ass (Ok, I’m objectifying him, so sue me). This particular friend would make “I’d tap that” sort of statements which lead to many people assuming he was gay – despite the fact that it was completely acceptable at the same time for me to make the same sort of statements about Julia Stiles (think Save the Last Dance and 10 Things I Hate About You), Jessica Alba (think Dark Angel) and Eliza Dushku (think Buffy and Tru Calling).

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Japan Trip

I’m finally starting to feel excited about heading to Japan in 2 days, 21 hours, 14 minutes and 38 seconds 😛 *squeal of excitement*. It’s setting in that come this weekend I’ll be out of the country and getting a chance to explore a country I’ve always wanted to visit and immerse myself in a culture that fascinates me.

Many of my friends / family /co-workers think I’m insane to be heading to Japan with everything that has been going on over there with the power plant/earth quakes/tsunamis. I think it will be fine. The Australian government has retracted their ‘do not travel’ statement so who am I to argue with them about my potential safety :D. To keep the concerned parties at ease I plan to blog each day about our experiences. I’ll put up photos, mention what we get up to and hopefully provide a non media biased look at post disaster Japan – hey if there is any time they need tourist $$$$ it’s now right?

Anyway, we still have a few unplanned days both in Tokyo and Osaka so if you have any suggestions of what we should check out feel free to let me know! I’ve added Nihonryori RyuGin to the list of places I’d like to check out but given the short notice who knows if we would be able to get a reservation! Keep your eyes peeled for updates 😀

Signing Off – MCL



I was never much of a comic person. I read the occasional manga but generally I prefer an actual book with descriptive sentences. During university I got into reading XKCD. It’s funny, most of the comics featured are stand-alone geek humor. I still hadn’t found an on going story comic that I really enjoyed.

I started reading bits and pieces of manga. There weren’t many series I chose to read, generally I prefer anime however on a number of occasions the series deviates from the original story (I blame insanity on the part of the Anime producers – or perhaps budgetary constraints :P), and I chose to follow the intended story line. I still hadn’t developed an appreciation for comics – I was only reading manga because the story wasn’t adequately available in my preferred media (anime). When I was younger my older brother had a pre-teen love affair with the Phantom (which hung around into adulthood and finally dissipated, or at least dissolved from a shrine to a naughty habit in the closet when he got married) so I was exposed to a number of comics then:

  • The Phantom
  • Mandrake the Magician
  • Flash Gordon
  • Garfield

I’m sure there were more, but I really can’t recall any others. None of them enticed me – I still preferred to just check out the sunday comic strips in the newspaper – which once again were not reliant on any previous ones, so it didn’t matter much if you skipped it for a month or two.

Last year (coincidentally around when I started my first full time job) I came across Questionable Content. I like the art style, the humor and the characters. I suddenly have this attachment and get frustrated when I miss my daily dose of the story. I have a strong hatred for the goddamn Yelling Bird and I am tempted to purchase the stupid plushie just so I came pummel it anytime it intrudes on the normal storyline.

Today I started looking at Darwin Carmichael Is Going To Hell and once again I’m feeling that pull of interest to go back and read through the 235 (far less then when I undertook that task with QC) existing comics. Not a task to undertake lightly. I have TV series to catch up on, anime to watch, exercise to do and house work. I need a reason to devote the time it takes to get into an ongoing series of anything. Is it worth it? Do you have a criteria that ongoing stories (tv series, book series, comic series etc) have to meet for you to be willing to spend the time catching up? Do you flat out refuse to?

– MCL Signing Off


OCD Moments

From the Freshly Pressed list for WordPress I came across Oh, Say Can You Say?, with a post about OCD. I’d never really thought of myself as OCD, but this person talks about a number of things I do, and in many cases I am MUCH worse.

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