OCD Moments

From the Freshly Pressed list for WordPress I came across Oh, Say Can You Say?, with a post about OCD. I’d never really thought of myself as OCD, but this person talks about a number of things I do, and in many cases I am MUCH worse.

  • All DVDs and CDs have to be facing up
  • Now, while I don’t care about mine facing up so much, i DO alphabetically sort my games (eg singstar), and it drives me INSANE if someone has used a disc and not put it back in it’s correct space on the shelf. I swear, sometimes people move them around just to make my eye twitch.
    I also HATE burnt discs. When I was younger I was given a copy of my brothers CD collection. I spent HOURS searching the internet until I found pics of the CD labels and disc books for every CD. I then printed them and stuck the labels on. When I made mixed discs I would design labels for them so they would look like real CD’s.

  • Dishes should be in their rightful place
  • It’s not just dishes. It’s EVERYTHING for me. Dishes, the position of the lounge in relation to the tiles, the rug related to the tiles and the lounge, the dishes in the cupboards, the food in the fridge and the cupboard, the stuff in the laundry. To me everything has a logical ‘home’ and things NOT placed where they belong ticks me off.

  • Books I own have to be in the same format
  • Not only do they have to be the same format (hardcover vs paperback), they have to be the same cover series. I have a few books that don’t match and it makes me sad. I want to replace them. To me this has to do with the bookshelf looking neat. Books are to be sorted by genre, author (alphabetically), series. So if you have different formats/cover sets within a series it ruins the lines/flow of the bookshelf – you’ll have some random book sticking up if the rest of that set is paperback. It’s why I don’t have the adult cover Harry Potter books (despite preferring them). I already owed the first 3 in childrens cover before I discovered the adult cover.

    I also want to get cute little metal engraved labels to have hanging from the shelves on the bookself to mark the genre sections. And dividers with the letters. I label EVERYTHING.

  • Everything in my closet has a specific order
  • I’m the same. Everything is sorted by type (work cloths, casual cloths, split into subsets eg pants, tops skirts. Tops are split further, and then everything is sorted by colour). But I don’t give up just with MY cloths. My partners side of the closet is sorted the same (not that he would notice).

  • I recycle everything
  • I do at home – I don’t go to the extent of bring trash home with me, but if we are having a gathering with the blokes drinking a lot of beer, I walk around grabbing empties, rinsing them and throwing them in the recycling bin. My main recycling thing is probably that everything HAS to be rinsed. This one is logical – when they aren’t rinsed (eg softdrink bottles) the sugery residue attracts ants. I hate ants. Plus, when I was growing up we were actually told we HAD to rinse everything before it was put in recycling. This wasn’t a ‘my parents said’ thing, it was on the side of the council supplied recycling bin.


Beyond these there are additional things I’m OCD about.

  • The Dishwasher


    Things have specific spots. Plates in one section, bowls in another etc. You DON’T leave empty spaces between dishes. This probably is more to do with wanting to run the dishwasher less and thus saving water (growing up in a 10yr drought will do that to you), but it means every second day I’m repacking the dishwasher as my partner and housemate don’t follow my system.

  • The Clothsline


    We have two types of pegs, strong ones and normal ones. Strong ones are reserved for heavy items (eg water filled jeans) and the normal pegs are used for everything else. If an item requires two pegs the two pegs should preferably be the same colour. If hanging socks the partner sock should be next to it. Heavy items go at the back of the line and socks / underwear on the front two lines. I also have a particular way of pegging items so you don’t end up with peg marks (it also drys more evenly). My partner doesn’t do this the same and I think he’s getting sick of me going out after him to repeg cloths. 

  • The Shoerack

Shoe Rack

    Shoes go on the shoe rack. They even have their own spot on the shoe rack (unless they are guest shoes of course). I’m always walking around after my partner finding where he has ditched his shoes when he got home so they can go back where they belong.

  • Cleaning Cloths


    This one I believe is a logical containment of germs thing. We have three colours of cloths. Yellow are for dishes, Red are for the floor blue are for surfaces. This should never be mixed.

I think I probably have problems lol but after finding the blog that prompted this post at least I know I’m not alone with my OCD insanity. How about you? Do you obsess over the littlest things that make others think your crazy?


8 Responses to “OCD Moments”

  1. 1 Mulan
    April 4, 2011 at 1:33 pm

    seats must be pushed back into the table

    • April 4, 2011 at 1:35 pm

      That’s a logical one again. If the seats near the wall are left out they mark the wall. If the seats on the other side are left out they block the passage between the lounge and the kitchen.

  2. 3 sweetlizbakes
    April 7, 2011 at 12:26 pm

    I’m the same way! Now I’ve also started to put everything in bins. My husband tells me I’ve gone bin crazy.

  3. 4 DayDrapist
    September 28, 2011 at 2:37 pm

    Women be crazy

      • 6 DayDrapist
        September 28, 2011 at 3:10 pm

        Because who cares about any of that crap? Relax! Unclench! You’re not in control of your life, nobody is, and ordering every thing you can get your hands on to death isn’t going to change that. So many women do that sh*t and it’s insuferrable! Craazy…

        • September 29, 2011 at 10:07 am

          I know many men who do it to, I’m pretty sure it’s not limited to lady folk.

          • 8 DayDrapist
            September 29, 2011 at 12:36 pm

            Suuure you do! That’s why you’re going around re doing everything your husband and housemate is doing. You made sure to mention that like 63 times, as though it’s their problem that you’re a neatfreak…

            Sorry, but this is definitely a woman thing. The odd exception doesn’t overturn the trend. I know plenty of women who aren’t like that… oh WAIT – no I don’t! They’re all control-freaks!

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