Wedding Plans – The Men

You would think groomsmen would be an easier fashion decision then the bridesmaids – apparently not. Even as far as costs go (and mind you, some of the prices below are to RENT not buy) they are quite steep. I’ve started narrowing down the list, but as we are looking at SIX (at last count) groomsmen this is going to be painful on the purse.

Roger David - Mens Suits

Roger David - Mens Suits

Roger David was one of the few suit places that have the time period we are looking for, but those prices! Ouch *wince*.

Scoopon have a deal (for the next 45 hours) to get a suit package valued at $805 for $149 – and that’s for keeps!:
Just $149 for a huge Men’s Suit Package worth $805

  • a two piece Italian-designed wool blend suit in charcoal or black – tailored to your size
  • Cotton dress shirt available in a variety of colours
  • Silk tie perfectly matched to your black or charcoal suit by a professional stylist
  • Pair of beautiful black dress shoes with a leather lower
  • Black leather belt to complete the look

That’s an AMAZING deal, but does require us to have $894 cash to fork out essentially NOW. The one advantage with this option is I feel alright asking the blokes to fork out cash if they are keeping their outfits (unlike asking them to fork out if they have to return it!), so we could probably ask for $75 from each of the blokes towards that in the end. That price is also cheaper the the cheapest package available in the suits I like from Roger David. These suits are much plainer however, thought the charcoal is quite nice.

Scarf Online - Mens Suits

Scarf Online - Mens Suits

Further reflection has me thinking the suits really don’t suit the theme of the wedding regardless of the amazing price.

Strictly Formal has some lovely suits that would work:

Strictly Formal - Mens Suits

Strictly Formal - Mens Suits

Thought after seeing ferrari formal wear I am quite taken by the idea of blue colours for then men:

Ferrari Formal Wear - Blue

Ferrari Formal Wear - Blue

Formal Wear Express - Maverick

Formal Wear Express - Maverick


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