Wedding Plans – Flowers

Please know this is still under construction as I have yet to finalise flower options. As I find out more I will pass on the information by updating this post!

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Bridesmaids / Bride

I’ve started looking into bridal bouquets. After spending time at a wedding expo I couldn’t belive the cost of fresh flowers! – Costs for a full bridal party are easily $1000, but apparently fake flowers aren’t cheap either!

For a ‘professional’ flower arrangement including:

  • Bride Bouquet
  • 4 x Bridesmaid Bouquet
  • 5 x Buttonholes
  • Tossing Bouquet

You can easily be looking at $400+ [reference]

Given all the other expenses and the standard Oh, it’s a wedding! +150% pricing here in Australia I had origionally budgeted $160 for flowers – including center peices (sounds like a tall order doesn’t it?). I spent a lot of time researching flower options previously (see Inspiration) and have returned to revamp this post with more relivant information, cost comparisons, and to adjust for my change in taste. Ever the fickle bride *cough* bridezilla */cough*, I no longer want blue flowers, I want to use Australian Natives which may be far more difficult to source. Please note this will be an ongoing post, updated whenever my research uncovers something useful.

Center Piece Inspiration

Lantern Center Piece

Lantern Center Piece

5.5' Petunia Garland in Two Tone Blue

5.5' Petunia Garland in Two Tone Blue - $12.99

30 inch Verona Mini Japanese Magnolia Spray in Vanilla Beige

30 inch Verona Mini Japanese Magnolia Spray in Vanilla Beige - $3.99


Potential Options For Bridesmaids / Bride

Silk Baby Breath - Navy

Silk Baby Breath - Navy - $5.99

27 inch Heather Spray in Purple

27 inch Heather Spray in Purple - $1.89

35 inch Silk Stargazer Lily Spray in White

35 inch Silk Stargazer Lily Spray in White - $3.99

10 inch Muscari Bunch in Blue

10 inch Muscari Bunch in Blue - $0.99

23 inch Royal Blue Silk Rose Bud with a 2 inch Flower

23 inch Royal Blue Silk Rose Bud with a 2 inch Flower - $1.49

23 inch Royal Blue Open Silk Rose with a 3 inch Flower

23 inch Royal Blue Open Silk Rose with a 3 inch Flower - $2.29

20 inch Silk Gardenia Bush in White

20 inch Silk Gardenia Bush in White - $9.99


Potential Options For Bride

9 inch Mini Daisy Bush in Lavender Purple

9 inch Mini Daisy Bush in Lavender Purple - $1.99

Large Open Rose in Purple with Lavender Highlights - 27 inch Tall with a 4.5 inch Flower

Large Open Rose in Purple with Lavender Highlights - 27 inch Tall with a 4.5 inch Flower - $2.99

30 inch Silk Lisianthus Spray in Two Tone Purple

30 inch Silk Lisianthus Spray in Two Tone Purple - $3.79

English Lilac Spray in Two Tone Purple - 28.5 inch Tall

English Lilac Spray in Two Tone Purple - 28.5 inch Tall - $3.99

Lilac Spray in Purple - 27.5 inch Tall

Lilac Spray in Purple - 27.5 inch Tall - $0.79

26 inch Silk Snapdragon Spray in Purple

26 inch Silk Snapdragon Spray in Purple - $2.99

25 inch Freesia Spray in Purple

25 inch Freesia Spray in Purple - $2.99

22 inch Sweetpea Spray in Dark Lavender

22 inch Sweetpea Spray in Dark Lavender - $1.69

(I will get these set up properly for viewing later)

http://www.silkflowersfactory.com/36-Agapanthus-Bush-Mustard-p/d31b_arti_5434_mtdx4.htm (LOVE these, and would tie in a nice colour that matches the centerpeice I think)



Fall Brides Boquet

Fall Brides Boquet

Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

Purple Wedding Bouquet

Purple Wedding Bouquet

22 inch Silk Rose and Lily Bush in Pink Fuchsia

22 inch Silk Rose and Lily Bush in Pink Fuchsia - $8.99

Purple Lavender Hydrangea Mix

Purple Lavender Hydrangea Mix - $76.50

Lilac Purple Gerberas and Roses

Lilac Purple Gerberas and Roses - $57.75

Colour wise I think this one is the closest to what I am thinking:

Blue Purple Cream

Blue Purple Cream - $56.55

Blue Silk Wedding Flower 1

Blue Silk Wedding Flower 1 - $269

Blue Silk Wedding Flower 2

Blue Silk Wedding Flower 2 - $279


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Andrew Sanger
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2 Responses to “Wedding Plans – Flowers”

  1. 1 Celria
    August 25, 2011 at 9:29 pm

    Okay, I’m having a little look on taobao. Keep in mind anything will need additional agent fees (usually between %10-%15 of the cost of the order) and shipping fees. I’m giving you the bablefish links so there’s at least a little english there. If you needed questions about an item answered by the seller you’d need the agent to do it, but, thats part of their fee, generally. There could be additional fees, like a paypal fee.

    All prices are approximate, and currency conversion rates change daily.

    Those are pretty, they’d be 70c but I’m not sure how much that gets you. A sprig? At any rate cutting the little blue ones off and dotting them in a bouquet could be nice.

    Each sprig of these seems to have three flower heads for 80c a sprig:

    These ones are 50c per sprig. From what I can tell from the picture there are about 7 flowers per sprig. Comes in purple, blue and white:

    $1.50 – Seems to have a decent number, blue and white. Not my favorites though for not much of a reason:

    $2 – These are white and pretty, the description says they’re silk. Not sure how many you get, but even one stalk comes with a lot of white flowers that could be dotted here and there. (Think gluing them in place for that effect.)

    .80c – Also silk, not sure how many you get but they come in a lilac, a purple and a white. The pictures make them look very nice.

    $1.60 for this one. Not sure if its what you’re looking for. Its purple though and quite pretty. Based on the fat it has multiple photos of them in the same size, and the yellow version in the same size it looks like you’d get all of them:

    About $1 – Not precisely sure how, but they’re super nice!

    Looks like 90c for what I’d guess is the sprig in the last picture. Purple and cream:

    About .75c – The consistent size in all the photos indicates to me that thats the amount you get. The stems don’t look great, but they could be hidden.

    About $3

    Pretty white things for about $4 – looks like five sprays.

  2. May 20, 2012 at 2:29 am

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