Wedding Plans: Hair

One of the decisions that I am very concerned about is hair styles. With a large bridal party it is very difficult to find a hair style that works for everyone, and regardless of how carefully you plan the styles you can’t garentee that one of the wedding party wont show up with some last minute bangs! Regardless, unless you want to be deemed a bridzilla, you can’t command that the ladies in the bridal party avoid changing their hair. One of my lovely ladies has a fondness for bright coloured hair, I’m perfectly fine with her having her hair whatever colour she chooses – currently pink (my mothers opinion on that is something else entirly).

Personally I think you are best choosing a couple of complementory hair styles that work for a variety of hair lengths and cuts. Also when it comes to bridesmaids simplicity is key – you want any hair emergency time available for the bride.

In this post I am going to explore a number of alternative hairstyle options (I will provide sources for the images) that I am considering for the bridal party.

During my research I came accross eBeauty Blog which is just AMAZING. The hairstyles she demonstrates are beautiful, and simple enough that she did them on herself! Some serious contenders from her site.

I am considering an up-do for my own hair. I’ve spent 3 years growing my hair for this wedding, planning on a long down-do of curles. I then tried on my dress with my hair in a bun and realised it looked so much better up. Doesn’t mean my long hair goes to waist though, there are many updos that look amazing because of long hair. For the bridesmaids I’m trying to decide between an updo or something down (possibly curly) to have a bit more difference between the styles.

As I come accross more insperation I will add the images to the gallerys at the bottom of the page. I am also still considering hair accessories, so any surgestions on that front are also welcome!

I have been doing some research into tutorial videos to see if there is a style that could be done simply (possibly for the bridesmaids) in order to save on costs. I am going to include the video tutes I find here as well.

Tutorial Videos

3 Ponytail Updo

Elegant Loop Updo

Elegant Updo with Hair Gems In Spanish

Loop Updo Lower on Head In Spanish

Intricate Twist Updo Language Unknown

Hair Bow


Bride Hair Style Insperation

Bridsmaid Hair Style Insperation


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