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Excited about tomorrow

So tomorrow is the awards ceremony where I will find out if I get that ACS Young IT Processional award. I’m really looking forward to it. Even if I don’t win (which I’m not expecting to) I will get to hear some really interesting people speak, and have a chance to do some networking. This also means I get a day of working in the city instead of from the normal office 😀 I’ll get to catch the train instead of driving for once *happy dance*.

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I’m a finalist

So here I was at work yesterday, minding my own business when an email notification pops up on my screen. Normally getting an email has a direct correlation to being handed more work to do, so I sigh and click over to my inbox. I see the new email and it’s from the ACS – it’s about the award I applied for (which funnily enough I was also nominated for by someone else – I didn’t know about that until after I applied). Anyway I open up the email and see:

The ACS cordially invites you, as a Young ICT Professional of the Year finalist, to attend the Fellows Lunch on Friday 19 November when the winner of the 2010 Young ICT Professional of the Year will be announced and presented with the Award.
The venue is the Hilton Hotel (Victoria Room), Level 6, 190 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane and the time is 12 noon for 12.30pm start.
We will have as our guest speaker the ACS National President, Mr Anthony Wong.
A two course lunch with drinks will be served.
We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you will be able to attend.

Well this makes me very happy 😀 I doubt I’ll win the award, but even making it to the finals for it is a pretty awesome achievement for someone who has only been in the industry for like 8 months.

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Today I organized to work from the main office. Getting a day off client site isn’t an easy thing to accomplish, the client LIKES to see me sitting at a desk for my 8+ hrs a day, they like to know that I’m working on things for them. (and not say, posting something on my blog *blush*)

Today I had two reasons to work off-site:

  • my manager wanted to see me to let me know I got a payrise ($303 extra per month before tax)
  • i had some sponsorship items to pick up for the ACS Trivia Night.

I have been a part of the Australian Computer Society (ACS) for a number of years now. This year marks the 4th annual trivia night. I have taken a pretty big role in organising this years event and I hope it goes as well as past years. There are a number of big names sponsoring the event including Microsoft  and IBM. If you live on the Gold Coast and you’re free Thursday night from 6pm then head over to Bond University!

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