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Buying a House in Queensland Australia

Please know this is still under construction as I am still house hunting – I haven’t gotten into pest inspections etc just yet and as I find out more I will pass on the information by updating this post!
Update History
29/5/12 – Added Rates information

Recently my partner and I have been looking at buying a house. I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to figure out how much money to offer, and getting useful information about values. I though the information I’ve gathered could be useful for other first home buyers out there, or even for anyone interested in keeping an eye on property values to judge when / where they should buy.

My Starting Point
I’ve spent the past couple of months monitoring both the rental and sale prices in the suburbs I am interested in. Real Estate is my #1 stop as most realtors seam to list properties on this site. Once I’ve found a place I like the look of I jump over to On The House as this site provides sale history information including details on how long the property has been on the market and any information about asking price changes. Mainly I use this to see how long the property has been on the market which gives you an idea of how desperate the owner is to sell – especially if you can see a trend of dropping the asking price over a number of months.

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Lady Lumps – When curvey becomes plain old fat

For most of my life I have had body image issues. I’ve never been ‘tinny’. I’ve always been bigger then the other girls and until recently I’ve always said I’m fat and always will be. I recently looked at a photo of myself when I was 14 years old and wish I could be that small again, however I know at the time I thought I was a GIANT wearing size 12, and realistically compared to the other girls I was.

Part of the problem has always been this idea of what size is normal. When i was younger if you were above a 10 you were fat, now (at 23) I see that magic number as a 12. I doubt I’ll ever fit in a 12 again, I currently measure 5’10” 38(12D)-33-40 and weigh 88kgs. I vary between (pants) a size 14 and a size 16 depending on the style and brand and (tops) size 12 and size 14. This is one of the big problems, why don’t we have standardized sizes for ladies clothes in Australia? It’s the most depressing feeling to go into a store (in this case ICE) where you have ALWAYS been a medium to find that suppliers have changed and now the large is a little tighter then you’d like. I no longer shop at ICE – I like the clothes but it’s a depressing feeling to be reaching for that large and I just can’t do it.

It doesn’t help that clothing is designed based on this magic figure that a minority of the population has the luck of birth to have. I understand that exercise and diet play a role in your size, but a stubborn fat patch (in my case my thighs) can cause havoc when shopping for clothing. A few years back I worked my darnedest to lose weight. I got down to around 79kg. I felt amazing when standing on the scale – my body tends to like to sit around 90kg without a strict diet and it was a major achievement for me to break that 80kg barrier. I was getting a lot of compliments on my appearance and it was a major boost to my confidence – that is until I went shopping to buy new jeans.

I probably tried on every pair of jeans in the store – nothing fit the way I wanted it to. My thighs were preventing me wearing a size 13. To get past my thighs I was having to try on size 14 and 15 jeans – often leaving a gaping 3 or so inches at the waist band. This meant I had to buy lower riding jeans which make me uncomfortable as my sizable derrière would result in a substantial plumbers crack when sitting or bending (eww). So i gave up on the diet. I couldn’t get into the smaller clothing sizes, and it was in fact making it MORE difficult to find clothing. I allowed myself to return to my slovenly ways and turned back into a whale. I think the 8 months of hard work took only 3 or 4 months to be undone.

Right now I’m trying again, I am aiming to break that 80kg barrier before I get married next October, and I intend to do something about my thighs even if it means I have to resort to liposuction. Regardless of what people say about everyone having a different shape I am not happy with the way I am. I wish those people could try being the different shape – unable to find cloths that fit, I’m sure they wouldn’t be able to keep up the ‘be happy with the way you are’ attitude – especially if they too started hearing remarks like ‘sausage legs’ directed at them.

Signing Off – MCL


The Man Crush

The Man Crush. I think everyone has witnessed this by now. With the rise of the metro sexual the Man Crush became far more prominent. When I was younger a close friend of mine had a man crush on Stuart Townsend (Queen of the Damned)

Which I can understand, I mean that man is one fine piece of ass (Ok, I’m objectifying him, so sue me). This particular friend would make “I’d tap that” sort of statements which lead to many people assuming he was gay – despite the fact that it was completely acceptable at the same time for me to make the same sort of statements about Julia Stiles (think Save the Last Dance and 10 Things I Hate About You), Jessica Alba (think Dark Angel) and Eliza Dushku (think Buffy and Tru Calling).

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OCD Moments

From the Freshly Pressed list for WordPress I came across Oh, Say Can You Say?, with a post about OCD. I’d never really thought of myself as OCD, but this person talks about a number of things I do, and in many cases I am MUCH worse.

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RIP Cuddles

You know that hollow feeling you get when a pet dies? Well I’m experiencing that at the moment. Earlier today I received a call from my little brother telling me that my bird Cuddles (I named him when I was like 7 or 8, cut me some slack) had been found in the bottom of his cage making strange noises which he described to sound like hiccups. I was concerned, Cuddles hadn’t done that in the 14 or so years I had owned him. I asked which vet he was being taken to. My parents had decided he didn’t need a vet and that dad could take care of him. I objected. My brother (who I have to say is a wonderful person, and I really appreciate that he made sure to keep me in the loop) listened to my plea and took Cuddles to get medical attention. The vet couldn’t do anything. Cuddles was too sick, and too old and just wasn’t right to keep him going. He was put down.

My brother thought it would be a comfort to me to know that he and my parents are ‘replacing’ Cuddles today.

EDIT: A lovely woman at work just came back from lunch, she bought me a little bird statue (she noticed I was upset earlier and came over to check on me). You don’t read this Viv, but thanks, you’re amazing!

Signing Off – MCL


Early Onset Midlife Crisis

It appears to be that time of the year again when everything is on fast forward, there don’t appear to be enough hours in the day to get work completed; there are chores to do at home and people to see! I’m at the point of losing track of plans (about time I invested in a diary for this year). Does anyone have any tricks they use to ensure they have a proper work/home/social balance? Currently I appear to be focusing on work and social – I’ve moved from only seeing friends on weekends to seeing them mid-week as well. This redistribution of time is taking its toll on my ‘home’ time which normally includes a little bit of downtime, cleaning, cooking and all the usual house hold dramas.

My usual ‘always tired’ is getting worse, but I’m also trying to include an hour of exercise into my daily routine as I need to drop between 20 and 30 KG in the next 12 months or so, a big task but I’m determined to stop looking like a whale before my wedding. My reading has skidded to a grinding halt – previously I would finish a novel in less then a week but now I’ve found myself working on the same book coming up to 2 months now! With a stack of new books I haven’t even cracked the covers of yet sitting on my bedside table BLASPHEMY! Some of these books are by my favorite authors, these are normally devoured at an alarming pace through a sleepless night of reading on the day of release.

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What you NEED to tell your feminine-ity challenged Daughters/Sisters

I don’t know about you (especially if you’re a bloke, ‘cause this doesn’t really apply to you), but when I was growing up I was basically oblivious to the universal change from child to teenager that every other girl at my school seamed to hit simultaneously. One day it was ‘eww boys a gross!’ the next day there is lip gloss, leg shaving and giggling over boys.

Now, as a girl with three older sisters you’d think I’d have some warning of this, that one of my sisters would take pity on there ignorant younger sister and take my under there wing. We’ll you thought wrong. I _failed_ at being a girl (I still do, makeup what’s that? Seriously, do you use both concealer and foundation, aren’t they the SAME THING??? Someone _please_ explain this to me), anyway I was left to fight my way through years 6 and 7 and the first 2 years of highschool before I started to get any idea of what to do.

One of my main problems was shaving; I brought it up with my mum in grade 6 as all the other girls were shaving, it went like this:

Your leg hairs are blond, you don’t need to shave, once you start saving they will turn DARK, your best to just leave it.

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