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The Man Crush

The Man Crush. I think everyone has witnessed this by now. With the rise of the metro sexual the Man Crush became far more prominent. When I was younger a close friend of mine had a man crush on Stuart Townsend (Queen of the Damned)

Which I can understand, I mean that man is one fine piece of ass (Ok, I’m objectifying him, so sue me). This particular friend would make “I’d tap that” sort of statements which lead to many people assuming he was gay – despite the fact that it was completely acceptable at the same time for me to make the same sort of statements about Julia Stiles (think Save the Last Dance and 10 Things I Hate About You), Jessica Alba (think Dark Angel) and Eliza Dushku (think Buffy and Tru Calling).

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I was never much of a comic person. I read the occasional manga but generally I prefer an actual book with descriptive sentences. During university I got into reading XKCD. It’s funny, most of the comics featured are stand-alone geek humor. I still hadn’t found an on going story comic that I really enjoyed.

I started reading bits and pieces of manga. There weren’t many series I chose to read, generally I prefer anime however on a number of occasions the series deviates from the original story (I blame insanity on the part of the Anime producers – or perhaps budgetary constraints :P), and I chose to follow the intended story line. I still hadn’t developed an appreciation for comics – I was only reading manga because the story wasn’t adequately available in my preferred media (anime). When I was younger my older brother had a pre-teen love affair with the Phantom (which hung around into adulthood and finally dissipated, or at least dissolved from a shrine to a naughty habit in the closet when he got married) so I was exposed to a number of comics then:

  • The Phantom
  • Mandrake the Magician
  • Flash Gordon
  • Garfield

I’m sure there were more, but I really can’t recall any others. None of them enticed me – I still preferred to just check out the sunday comic strips in the newspaper – which once again were not reliant on any previous ones, so it didn’t matter much if you skipped it for a month or two.

Last year (coincidentally around when I started my first full time job) I came across Questionable Content. I like the art style, the humor and the characters. I suddenly have this attachment and get frustrated when I miss my daily dose of the story. I have a strong hatred for the goddamn Yelling Bird and I am tempted to purchase the stupid plushie just so I came pummel it anytime it intrudes on the normal storyline.

Today I started looking at Darwin Carmichael Is Going To Hell and once again I’m feeling that pull of interest to go back and read through the 235 (far less then when I undertook that task with QC) existing comics. Not a task to undertake lightly. I have TV series to catch up on, anime to watch, exercise to do and house work. I need a reason to devote the time it takes to get into an ongoing series of anything. Is it worth it? Do you have a criteria that ongoing stories (tv series, book series, comic series etc) have to meet for you to be willing to spend the time catching up? Do you flat out refuse to?

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OCD Moments

From the Freshly Pressed list for WordPress I came across Oh, Say Can You Say?, with a post about OCD. I’d never really thought of myself as OCD, but this person talks about a number of things I do, and in many cases I am MUCH worse.

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MacGuffin and Puffin

I like keeping a lookout for entertaining and informative blogs. A recent commenter has a blog that I am finding immensely entertaining to read. Go on over and check out MacGuffin and Puffin. This blogs observations on American polities, language and technological advances are riveting and MacGuffin’s writing style keeps me in stitches. So, if you feel like being entertained while you learn something new I advise giving it a read (well worth subscribing!)


From the mind of educators

I came across 21st Century Educator, a blog that is written by a staff member of a school around the corner from where I grew up. The blog (from what I have read so far), is a very good peek into the use of technology in schools – a big difference from when I was in high school or, heaven forbid, primary school!

What are your thoughts? Does technology assist education when it is ingrained into the fabric of the curriculum or does it hinder the basic goal the lessons are trying to achieve by presenting even further options for procrastination and avoidance of school work?


Wedding Plans – Cake

Wedding cakes cost a fortune. An absolute fortune. Especially considering I’m very simple in my cake tastes. I don’t like very rich and heavy cakes – a nice light chocolate cake or butter cake is fine by me. I came across CakeBitz who offer cake decorating classes – these are also expensive, but at least they would provide me with a skill I could reuse so maybe I should look at enrolling in a couple of classes. I’m interested in doing the following classes:

  1. Cake Decorating Fundamentals – Round
  2. Gourmet Small Cakes – 4 Techniques
  3. Cake Decorating Fundamentals – Structure
  4. Sugar Flowers – Specimen Rose
  5. Royal Icing & Floodwork

That also costs a small fortune.

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Books on the Cheap

I heard today about the Book Depository. They offer brand new books at insanely cheap prices with free postage anywhere in the world! I’ve seen books listed there for $17 that I have seen in local book stores for more then double that price. Apparently can take up to 2 weeks for books to arrive, but hey with that saving sounds well worth it to me! Time to go back to building up my library 😀

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