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The Man Crush

The Man Crush. I think everyone has witnessed this by now. With the rise of the metro sexual the Man Crush became far more prominent. When I was younger a close friend of mine had a man crush on Stuart Townsend (Queen of the Damned)

Which I can understand, I mean that man is one fine piece of ass (Ok, I’m objectifying him, so sue me). This particular friend would make “I’d tap that” sort of statements which lead to many people assuming he was gay – despite the fact that it was completely acceptable at the same time for me to make the same sort of statements about Julia Stiles (think Save the Last Dance and 10 Things I Hate About You), Jessica Alba (think Dark Angel) and Eliza Dushku (think Buffy and Tru Calling).

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OCD Moments

From the Freshly Pressed list for WordPress I came across Oh, Say Can You Say?, with a post about OCD. I’d never really thought of myself as OCD, but this person talks about a number of things I do, and in many cases I am MUCH worse.

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The English Language

I don’t know about you but it drives me a little insane to hear people saying they speak ‘American’. IMHO American is NOT a language. Americans speak ENGLISH. Anyway, this turned into a heated discussion via facebook on Sleepys page – she didn’t appreciate it and requested the end of the ‘snooty’ discussion (so apparently having a debate with substance makes you snooty?). Anyway, both sides had decent arguments, though I still think mine are more valid *shrugs*. What do you think? Is American a language, or do American’s speak English?

American Person: you know those are they type of people i feel i need a translation service for.. or to look at them and go ” i’m sorry.. but i speak american.. we don’t accept your ghetto talk her… Do us all a favor and pull a lemming and jump off a cliff”

Me (Australian): there is no such language as ‘American’ Americans just screw up English. (Seriously, replacing the letter S with Z does not make it a new language).

American Person: I hate to point it out to you miss but American’s do not put z’s in places of S.. those are ill educated people. We call it American because we have different terminology then the English. A boot of a car is the truck… you call a eraser a rubber.. we call it a condom. So.. next time do your research

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Strange Referrers

Please note that I am editing this post when I have gathered new information

Ok, over the past week or two I’ve had a number of people accessing this blog via 20 today alone! When you go to this URL it redirects you to which in the end directs you to which appears to be a website about the Muslim Religion. I search this site and found no reference to this blog so I became confused. Resolved to get to the bottom of this I googled the original link and found Online being… Another persons blog who appears to be having a similar situation. So, I am no closer to finding out why I’m being linked to by a Muslim site under the guise of a Justin Timberlake car crash but at least I’m not the only one?

Signing Off – MCL

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