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Buying a House in Queensland Australia

Please know this is still under construction as I am still house hunting – I haven’t gotten into pest inspections etc just yet and as I find out more I will pass on the information by updating this post!
Update History
29/5/12 – Added Rates information

Recently my partner and I have been looking at buying a house. I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to figure out how much money to offer, and getting useful information about values. I though the information I’ve gathered could be useful for other first home buyers out there, or even for anyone interested in keeping an eye on property values to judge when / where they should buy.

My Starting Point
I’ve spent the past couple of months monitoring both the rental and sale prices in the suburbs I am interested in. Real Estate is my #1 stop as most realtors seam to list properties on this site. Once I’ve found a place I like the look of I jump over to On The House as this site provides sale history information including details on how long the property has been on the market and any information about asking price changes. Mainly I use this to see how long the property has been on the market which gives you an idea of how desperate the owner is to sell – especially if you can see a trend of dropping the asking price over a number of months.

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Protected: Sourcing Cheap Lingerie

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I was never much of a comic person. I read the occasional manga but generally I prefer an actual book with descriptive sentences. During university I got into reading XKCD. It’s funny, most of the comics featured are stand-alone geek humor. I still hadn’t found an on going story comic that I really enjoyed.

I started reading bits and pieces of manga. There weren’t many series I chose to read, generally I prefer anime however on a number of occasions the series deviates from the original story (I blame insanity on the part of the Anime producers – or perhaps budgetary constraints :P), and I chose to follow the intended story line. I still hadn’t developed an appreciation for comics – I was only reading manga because the story wasn’t adequately available in my preferred media (anime). When I was younger my older brother had a pre-teen love affair with the Phantom (which hung around into adulthood and finally dissipated, or at least dissolved from a shrine to a naughty habit in the closet when he got married) so I was exposed to a number of comics then:

  • The Phantom
  • Mandrake the Magician
  • Flash Gordon
  • Garfield

I’m sure there were more, but I really can’t recall any others. None of them enticed me – I still preferred to just check out the sunday comic strips in the newspaper – which once again were not reliant on any previous ones, so it didn’t matter much if you skipped it for a month or two.

Last year (coincidentally around when I started my first full time job) I came across Questionable Content. I like the art style, the humor and the characters. I suddenly have this attachment and get frustrated when I miss my daily dose of the story. I have a strong hatred for the goddamn Yelling Bird and I am tempted to purchase the stupid plushie just so I came pummel it anytime it intrudes on the normal storyline.

Today I started looking at Darwin Carmichael Is Going To Hell and once again I’m feeling that pull of interest to go back and read through the 235 (far less then when I undertook that task with QC) existing comics. Not a task to undertake lightly. I have TV series to catch up on, anime to watch, exercise to do and house work. I need a reason to devote the time it takes to get into an ongoing series of anything. Is it worth it? Do you have a criteria that ongoing stories (tv series, book series, comic series etc) have to meet for you to be willing to spend the time catching up? Do you flat out refuse to?

– MCL Signing Off


MacGuffin and Puffin

I like keeping a lookout for entertaining and informative blogs. A recent commenter has a blog that I am finding immensely entertaining to read. Go on over and check out MacGuffin and Puffin. This blogs observations on American polities, language and technological advances are riveting and MacGuffin’s writing style keeps me in stitches. So, if you feel like being entertained while you learn something new I advise giving it a read (well worth subscribing!)


Wedding Planning Progress

Well there has been some progress recently in regards to wedding plans. I managed to buy my wedding dress on the weekend, only cost me $95 (amazing right?) and it took me 35minutes to go from seeing it to trying it on to purchasing it. Many people say that getting the dress is the hardest part, I disagree, everything else is hard! I’m lucky enough to have a friend who is working on _amazing_ custom nail art (Cels Nail Art), shes been kind enough to agree to do my nails for my wedding, she currently makes sets to match lolita prints but will be taking requests as well (very reasonable prices!). I urge you to check it out and keep an eye on her blog. For any South East Queensland Locals she is going to be selling nail sets at Supanova Brisbane this year so check it out!

I should return to stressing over flower arrangements, shoes, and guests lists!

Signing Off – MCL


Lights Camera ACTION!

Last week I saw a casting call for ourDeal, a website I frequent. They wanted people for a TV ad campaign they were going to run. I figured, why not? So I sent them an email. I heard back today that I made it through to the next round of selections:

Congratulations! You’ve been selected for the next round of selection for the “Escape Artist” promotion.
We need to confirm a couple of things before we continue:

  • Are you able to fly down to Sydney on Thursday night for a full day of pampering on Friday? We will fly you and your partner back Friday night
  • Are you available for a call with our Casting Director this evening?

We will cover all transport and activity costs so don’t worry about any of that!
If you could confirm your availability it would be great

I’m waiting for PC to get back to me about if we can do this – there are people staying at our house Friday night so I guess it also depends on what time the flight gets back (though I expect it will be late :() Maybe I can reschedule with my friends for Saturday night. Also would need work to give me Friday off. Wish me luck!


I heard back from ourDeal today, due to concerns about completing the filming in a single day they have decided to go with a local candidate instead. However they have asked if they can keep my details on file as they intend to do more of this in the future, so who knows, a few months down the track I might get another opportunity!

Signing Off – MCL


Wedding Dress Ideas

I’m currently leaning towards having a Victorian Ball Gown (Gothic Style, but cream/gold colouring). I’ve done a bit of searching for more ideas so I’m going to post links to some I’ve liked. I think I’ll need to get a training corset soon if I want to be able to be comfortable for me wedding while wearing a corset.

Goth Fairy Bride (minus the wings)

Belle (Beauty and the Beast Inspired)(only the skirt part, the bodice wouldn’t suit me)

There are many available on Gothic Wedding Dresses that I really like, especially the following:

I still have to finish looking through that site.

Also what do you think, mini top hat? tiara? vale? Hair up? Hair down? If any of my bridesmaids see this HELP.

Signing Off – MCL


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