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Wedding Plans: Hair

One of the decisions that I am very concerned about is hair styles. With a large bridal party it is very difficult to find a hair style that works for everyone, and regardless of how carefully you plan the styles you can’t garentee that one of the wedding party wont show up with some last minute bangs! Regardless, unless you want to be deemed a bridzilla, you can’t command that the ladies in the bridal party avoid changing their hair. One of my lovely ladies has a fondness for bright coloured hair, I’m perfectly fine with her having her hair whatever colour she chooses – currently pink (my mothers opinion on that is something else entirly).

Personally I think you are best choosing a couple of complementory hair styles that work for a variety of hair lengths and cuts. Also when it comes to bridesmaids simplicity is key – you want any hair emergency time available for the bride.

In this post I am going to explore a number of alternative hairstyle options (I will provide sources for the images) that I am considering for the bridal party.

During my research I came accross eBeauty Blog which is just AMAZING. The hairstyles she demonstrates are beautiful, and simple enough that she did them on herself! Some serious contenders from her site.

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Budgeting for a Wedding

This is under construction and I will continue to update this as I purchase items

I wanted to have a nice wedding on as few $$$ as possible, with this in mind I found a beautiful second-hand wedding dress, and my only big expense for bride attire was my jewellery, the thought being that the pearls that I bought can be worn many many times in the future and remind me of my special day, and gives me something special to pass down in the family in the future.

I have a very large family so keeping guest numbers low is nigh on impossible so when purchasing everything (invitations etc) I did everything in lots of 100 though we are planning for 90 guests. Since I am making the invitations myself I thought it was prudent to ensure I had spares incase I ruined some – also means I _should_ have one left over as a keepsake. Of course, when I first figured all that out we hadn’t finalised the guest list yet – I don’t actually need as many invitations as a fair few of the guests are couples

Where possible I have made the description of the individual items a link to where I purchased them. I spent a ridiculously huge amount of time researching options and costings and these were the best quality to cost options I could find.

RED: Unknown Cost / Guesstimate
GREEN: Purchased
BLUE: Approximate Cost (Not Yet Purchased)

Item Cost Description
Bride $   95.00
$   89.95
$   58.14
$  850.00
$  560.00
$   50.00
$  150.00
$   20.00
$   15.00
– – – – –
$ 1888.09
(Wedding Dress)
(Shoes, 2 pairs First pair were not comphy 😦)
(Wedding Band – Ring)
(Corsetpurchased instore)
(Hair Comb)


Bridesmaid/Flower Girl $  354.19
$   32.00
$   30.00
$  100.00
$   40.00
$   50.00
$   18.00
– – – – –
$  624.19
(Dresses – Fabric)
(Dresses – Zippers, Cord etc)
(Dresses – Metal Eyelet Installation Tool)
(Shoes – Brand: Novo)
(Hair Combs)

($136.05/bridesmaid, $70/flowergirl)
Groom $  640.00
$  227.90
$   15.00
$   46.70
$   59.95
$  600.00
$  120.00
– – – – –
$ 1709.55
(Suit – Tailored Purchase Price)
(Vestpurchased instore)
(Wedding Band – Ring)


Groomsmen/Page Boy $  420.00
$   40.00
$  186.80
$  210.52
$    3.00
– – – – –
$  860.32
(Suits, rented) Cost paid upfront by Groomsmen
(Bow Tie)
(Bow Tie)


Paper Construction Supplies $   60.00
$  149.00
$   33.96
$   50.04
$    4.50
– – – – –
$  297.50
(Fiskars Paper Trimmer Ultimate Rotary 30cm)
(Brother Laser Mono Printer)
(Glue Guns that will work in Australia -.-)
(Fiskars Paper Trimmer Blades)
(Glue Sticks)


Save The Dates $  103.00
$   60.00
$   16.63
– – – – –
$  179.63
(100 Acrylic Fridge Magnets)
(100 Stamps – 2 stamps required per S.T.D)
(Card Stock)

($2.40 per Save The Date)
Invitations/Menus $   55.66
$    7.11
$    3.69
$   42.00
$   28.85
$  159.14
$  116.82
$   47.00
$   17.94
$    1.40
$   19.01
$   93.60
$   14.05
$   12.00
– – – – –
$  618.27
(22 Rolls of Lace)
(Colour Swatches)
(Flocked Paper Sample)
(Flocked Paper)
(Paper Samples)
(Card Stock, Envelopes, Pocketfolds)
(Sealing Wax and Tools)
(Themed Stamps)
(Ribbon Lap Bands – purchased instore)
(Invitation Overlay Sample)
(Stampabilities Ornate Tapestry Background Rubber Stamp)
(Card Stock, Ink Pads)
(International Shipping)
(Calander Marker Stickerspurchased instore)

($3.59 per Invitation[65]/Menu[10]/Place Card[90])
Wedding Cake $  106.11
– – – – –
$  106.11
(Recipe Books x 4)

Ceremony $  750.00
$  260.00
$   50.00
$  500.00
$  116.89
$  109.58
$    6.00
– – – – –
$ 1792.47
(Venue Hire)
(Chair, Chair Cover and Sash Hire)
(Guest Book)
(12 Scroll Shepherd Hooks)
(18 x Love Lights the Way Lanterns)
(Bow Ties – Ushers)


Photo Booth $   20.00
$    6.00
$   25.00
$   15.00
$   23.57
$  215.15
– – – – –
$  304.72
(Mirror – Purchased Instore)
(Damask Wall Stencil)
(Photo Wall Construction Supplies)


Reception $ 6579.00
$ 4179.00
$  300.00
$  149.27
$  385.19
$  249.90
$   20.97
$  165.00
$   17.00
– – – – –
$ 12045.33
(Food) Deposit Paid – $6459.00 
(Beverage Package)
(Menu Easels)
(Place Cards/Wedding Favors – $4.01 per favor)
(Table Center Piece – Diamond Lantern)
(Table Center Piece – Candles)
(Table Center Piece – Flowers)
(Table Center Piece – Flowers Sample)

($147.27 per person)
Photography $    0.00
$  255.30
$   89.50
– – – – –
$  344.80
(Video Cameras)
(Video Camera – Memory Cards)


Total $20,770.98
Paid $20,582.98 (99.09%)
To Go $    188.00 (0.91%)

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Goodbye 2011 Hello 2012

Well the past few months have been a little quite on the blog side and I am sorry for that. I could try and make a new years resolution to blog more frequently, however I know there is a pretty decent chance that I’ll fail. What I will do is actually try to finish some of the oh 30 or so blog posts I have under construction.

The past 6 months have seen me start a new job, continue with the wedding plans, lose a pet and gain a new one. I have become attached to a few more websites most prominently Grocery Run (Australia Only!). I’m rather enjoying having a chunk of my groceries delivered, and being able to actually afford the nice brand makeup is an interesting change, by god I’m looking like a real female now! o.0 how’d that happen? (considering not that many years ago I was quite a tomboy) Hell I even know the purpose of and how to apply illuminator now!

It was very sad to see Columbus leave us – he flew away, but given the state of his wing (it was broken earlier in the year) there is little to no chance he would survive in the wild. I do hope he’s found a new family rather then finding a stray cat. A few days ago my Prince Charming brought me home my new little birdy who we have dubbed Storm. He is an Indian Ringneck and only a little one! (about 9 weeks old now). He is fitting in quite well at home and is quite the charmer 😀

As you can see he is very cute ^-^.

Anyway it is home time and I should head off – still an hour of driving before I actually get home and can grab myself a cider :D. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

MCL Signing Off.


2011 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 6,200 times in 2011. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

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Harajuku, Shibuya and a Visual Kei Live

I’m sorry this is 5 days late – we have been so busy with day AND night events ever since we got here that finding time to blog has been difficult. I will add each day as quickly as possible to update you all!

Our first real day in Japan was destined to be awesomness personified. We were meeting up with Leela (yay *happy dance*) and heading into Harajuku, followed by a quick stop over in Shibuya and to cap it off a Visual Kei Live where we would get to see Heidi. perform (que squeal of excitement!).

There are a number of crazy things you’ll run into in Japan. One of the most fabled are the vending machines. Unlike in Australia I haven’t seen Potato Chips and Chocolate Bars in these ‘exist on every street of Tokyo’ machines however you will find crazy varieties of soft drink, coffee, tea, cigarettes, beer and the often hot-topic Fact or Fiction debate item of used panties (I have yet to locate one of these to confirm its existence – however you can read up about this crazy phenomenon HERE). We walked past about 2 dozen vending machines in the 500meters between our hotel and the train station.

Japanese Vending Machine

Japanese Vending Machine - the coffee cans actually come out hot!

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Arriving In Japan

Rightio, well to continue on from our arrival at the airport on the Gold Coast:

As I mentioned previously, we were informed when we checked in that we would need to collect our lougage in Cains and take it over to the International Terminal. They didn’t bother informing us that that was a rather awefully long walk outdoors, in 38 degree (celsius). Because of the short change time I sent PC along ahead to check us in while I collected the bags – BIIIIGGG mistake. 1 girl =/= 2  suit cases. Very unpleasent. Anyway we managed it all alright and got on the connecting flight (clearly, as I’m, ya know, blogging from our hotel in Japan). The airhostes near us during the flight (a japanese girl named Amanda) was amazing. Really helpful with pointing out tips regarding getting around Tokyo. The flight was pleasant and we arrived in good time.

The one thing everyone goes on about when they compare Australia and Japan is the public transport. Australias train system is a mess. It’s slow and infrequent. Japans rail system, in comparision, is quick, frequent and the trains are a hell of a lot more comphertable and cleaner then the Gold Coast <-> Brisbane line back home. The one thing people don’t point out is that the Narita Express actually splits apart part way through the journey with half the train going one way and the other half another. As expected we ended up in the wrong half. The ticket bloke on the train (you have GOT to see these guys, awesome military style uniforms) let us know we would have to switch (quickly) to the back half of the train when we reach Tokyo as otherwise we would end up in the wrong prefecture.

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